Who We Are

Twenty-seven years ago, I stepped foot in my first national park. What I thought would be a fun girls’ trip to the mountains, turned out to be something much more for me. Something on more of a spiritual level. John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” words, “Coming home to a place he’d never been before,” suddenly seemed penned just for me. I knew what he meant. I knew what he felt. Traveling, especially to the great outdoors, is just something that gets in your blood; it’s something that you just thirst for. Lust for.

As a national park junkie, I often find the parks’ motto of “Take Nothing and Leave No Trace” to be impossible to follow. For not only do I leave with a little bit of that park in my heart and soul, I find I leave a little bit of my heart and sole in that park as well. Therefore, I do take something, and I do leave a trace…a little trace of me.

Wanderlust. It’s really a feeling that transcends definition. You just know it when you have it. And when you have it, you want to share it. It is a yearning to travel, and for me, it does start with my sole because I want to be firmly planted in the great outdoors. As nature has left its imprint on me, so too, do I want to leave my imprint on it.

That is what led me to create Wanderlust the company.

I have found countless other travelers who have been marked by their journeys, and who have felt that they have left their mark in extraordinary places, as well. We are wanderlusters. And we will continue to thirst for, to lust for, leaving our marks in as many places as we possibly can! So….where will you leave your mark??