Time, Tide, and Mother Nature Wait for No One

The recent shocking and devastating fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was a strong reminder that nothing lasts forever. The Cathedral, of course, will be rebuilt, but to those who have never laid eyes on the iconic church in the French capital, they know they will never see the actual historical structure. It […]

Why It’s So Hard to Give These Days

I do believe it is inherent in people to want to help. Despite the craziness that dominates our news, I do believe people are good and are always willing to help others, known and unknown. Sometimes it’s just hard to know how to help. And lately, it just seems that there are so many in […]

In Search of My Mangelsen Photo

There is an iconic image of a large Alaskan Brown Bear standing, mouth wide open, atop the famous Brooks Falls awaiting the lunch of a sockeye salmon who is flying helplessly toward his impending doom and into the jaws of the bear. It is an award-winning photograph taken by the renowned naturalist photographer Thomas Mangelsen. […]

Why We Can’t Pick a Favorite National Park

Being an openly avowed, self-proclaimed National Park Junkie, I open myself up to that ubiquitous question, “What’s your favorite park?” It happens often. Very often. Which is okay because I truly do love talking about our national parks. The problem is, it’s very difficult to answer. So, I hedge. I say things like, “The last […]

The Other Side of the Black Friday Creep

Black Friday used to be a “day.” It was the Friday following Thanksgiving where stores would offer deep discounts to lure in holiday shoppers. In the last couple of years, though, the line between Thanksgiving Thursday and Black Friday has blurred. In fact, it’s not there anymore. The Black Friday creep has encroached on the […]

Where Will You Leave Your Mark?

If you’re familiar with our company, then you’re probably familiar with our tagline, “Where Will You Leave Your Mark?” You may also know that the tagline grew from our conversations about the motto, “Take Nothing, Leave Nothing,” which has also been used by the National Park Service. While I do believe in that mantra, a […]

The Inspiration Continuum

Inspiration inspires inspiration. I recently posted a photo with a caption that read, “The Inspiration Continuum.” It was a picture I took of an unknown woman who was sketching a waterfall at Yosemite National Park. I was inspired by her inspiration to create art from something that obviously inspired her. It made me see that […]

Traveling Tunes

Music and traveling. They’ve always gone hand-in-hand for me. Whenever I planned a trip, I started thinking about the music that would match the excursion. Jimmy Buffet traveled with us on our trips of sand, sea, and endless umbrella drinks. John Denver crooned to us as we traversed the twisty roads up to the Rocky […]

Nature’s Lessons

When I was a young girl, my grandmother gave me a small book of poetry. The book, A Little Girl is Something to Love,  contained a variety of poems, from authors both known and unknown, about the blessings and promises of being a little girl. I think I got the book at about age ten, when, […]

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