Nature’s Lessons

When I was a young girl, my grandmother gave me a small book of poetry. The book, A Little Girl is Something to Love,  contained a variety of poems, from authors both known and unknown, about the blessings and promises of being a little girl. I think I got the book at about age ten, when, perhaps, the young girl insecurities started to settle in. My grandmother probably wanted me to see that girls make up a beautiful garden of flowers even if we only see dandelions in the mirror. I think it worked because I cherished the book and went on to memorize every word of every poem in it. The powerful messages in the poems didn’t just work on my ten-year-old-self either because over forty years later, I still have the book. I also make a point of reading it at least once or twice a year, and for the most part, I can still recite many of the poems.

It’s no surprise that the poems I liked had to do with nature. Even at a young age, I always had that connection. From nature, it seems we can learn so much. What better way is there to teach a young child about being free, being wild, being beautiful, being strong, being curious, being unique, being adventurous, being optimistic, being fearless, and being sensitive, than through the lessons of nature?

At this time, since it is National Poetry Month, I’d like to honor my grandmother, who loved to write and share poetry. So in the same spirit as the book she gave me, here is my poem, dedicated to young girls who can learn about life through the lessons of nature that surround them.

         Nature’s Lessons
Walk with me, the world we’ll view
Let the lessons from nature absorb in you.
See the sun rise and spark a new day
Learn from it that darkness never stays.
Hear all the birds chirp their own songs
Know we’re all different but can get along.
Watch the butterfly race through the air
Shed your cocoon and be what you dare.
See the river meander and feed the streams
Let nothing stop you from following your dreams.
The mighty oak grows from earth to sky
With strong roots, anything can thrive.
See all the wildflowers, their types and their hues
Dare to be different and see the beauty in you.
Marvel at the mountains, the valleys and peaks
Understand there are ups and downs to the happiness we seek.
Listen to the ocean and the crashing of the tide
Making waves now and again can make you feel alive.
Notice the path we’re on is not always straight
Sometimes there are obstacles, but you’ll find your way.
Let the lessons of nature absorb in your soul
Be open to adventure and learn as you go.